Best in Calgary – Snow Removal Services

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We at Scoop Cut N Shovel are happy to share we’ve been added as one of the Best Snow Removal Services in Calgary for 2020! Thank you to all our clients, staff, and of course the snow for making this possible. Check out the list of best snow removal services here.

How to Keep Your Sidewalks Ice-Free This Winter

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Finding a safe, effective and cost-efficient slippery sidewalk solution is every Calgarians dream. The common solution of sticking a heat mat down before the ice arrives will drive your energy bill sky high given the length of the icy winter season in Calgary. Those who choose to put salt down after the fact are overly reliant on the melting properties …

Find a Snow Removal Company in Calgary

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  It’s easy to forget how harsh winter is in Calgary during the long summer months, but there comes a time in every homeowner’s year that they must start preparing for winter in Calgary. The unique location of the city means that it gets more inches of snow than any other place in Alberta. While this makes for a lot …

How to Shovel Safely this Winter

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When done incorrectly, snow removal can injure your body and damage your vehicle and even the hardscaping around your home. With these tips, you can clear snow safely and efficiently. It is tempting to begin clearing walkways and vehicles when the first layer of snow falls. Waiting to long can cause packed snow which forms ice that is hard to …