Why Professional Snow Removal is a Game-Changer for Calgary Property Owners

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There are days when it feels like the snow will never stop falling in Calgary. Cold weather begets cold weather, and once the ground freezes and the first snowpack forms, every new snowstorm just adds to the pile. Keeping on top of the snow, meaning keeping your driveway and walkways clear so that you and your family can go about your daily lives in winter, can feel like a part time job. While some Calgary property owners look at snow and ice removal as an extension of their workout routine, there comes a time when you just don’t want to be out late at night or first thing in the morning clearing wet, heavy snow. This is when you’ll start to think about professional snow removal services.

Why Go Professional?

Choosing a professional snow removal service will obviously set you back financially, but it’s worth looking at the benefits that you get from having someone else come and clear your property of snow and ice after every snowstorm:

  • Savings in time – the most obvious benefit of working with a professional snow removal company is the time that you get back. Even with a short driveway and sidewalk outside of your home, you can easily spend a couple of hours clearing up after a heavy snowstorm, especially if the snow is that wet, clingy stuff. When you call in the professionals, you can get back to your usual morning and evening routines, safe in the knowledge that someone else is spending their time keeping you and your family on the move after every snowfall. 
  • Savings in energy – it’s often joked that snow clean up is a young person’s job, but if you’re an older Calgary property owner, or your kids are too young to wield a shovel, you’ll find that the snow and ice removal chore will stay yours for years. This requires a lot of energy and effort on your part, and, being honest with ourselves, there are days when you just can’t face going out in the cold to engage in heavy manual labour. It’s a much better option to conserve your energy for the tasks that you love and let the professionals worry about the snow. 
  • The job is done right – anyone who has spent at least one winter in Calgary clearing snow knows the importance of doing the job right every single time. For example, if you don’t fully clear the sides of the driveway, the remaining snow freezes and becomes almost impossible to clear after the next storm. This then means you lose a few more centimetres of driveway every time it snows and you have to hope that spring comes before your driveway becomes unusable. Fortunately, professional snow and ice removal teams will make sure that the job is done right every time with no extra effort on your behalf. 

What To Expect From Your Team?

When you take all things into consideration, you’ll see that hiring a professional snow removal service is a game changer for how you view winter. But what should you expect from your snow and ice removal team? Here at Scoop Cut N Shovel, picking one of our snow removal packages means that you get complete peace of mind all season long. Our expert crews are always on the watch for the next big storm, and will be in the early morning clearing your driveway and sidewalks to help get you on the move. If the storm lasts all day, our team will come back out for a secondary clean up once the snow has stopped falling to make sure you’re free of snow and ice without having to worry about a thing. 

What To Look For In A Snow Removal Crew?

So you’ve decided to team up with a professional snow removal service, and you’ve got an idea what to expect. There’s plenty of companies professing to be snow removal experts, so how do you pick the right one? These are some things to look out for that will set an expert snow removal service apart from the rest:

  • A big crew – if you come across someone who is a one man band when it comes to their snow removal service, you know that you’ll be in trouble. The minute that they expand the area they work in, customers will get poor or late service. It’s better to find someone with a big crew of snow removal experts so you’ll know you’ll get cleared up in good time. 
  • Positive customer service – in a world where there’s plenty of competition for services across Calgary, you’ll want to find a snow removal service that treats you like a friend and values your business. This means that you’ll be able to talk with them about any concerns you have and trust that any issues can be rectified in a timely manner. 
  • Excellent reviews – finally, when it comes to any part of the service industry, positive previous customer reviews are the gold standard. Be sure to look beyond the company’s website (where they can cherry pick the best reviews) and find those who are looking provide honest feedback about you can expert when you engage their services. 

It goes without saying that Scoop Cut N Shovel has a large snow removal crew ready to work for you, our customer service is second to none and you only have to check the internet to see that there are plenty of happy customers across Calgary.

Save With Subscriptions At Scoop Cut N Shovel

Hiring the snow removal experts at Scoop Cut N Shovel couldn’t be easier. One of our team will come to look at the length of your driveways and sidewalks, and will give you a price for the whole season based on the size. You can also save money by bundling the snow removal service with our products like pet waste removal, year round lawncare and seasonal pickups. The biggest saving comes with our full year round property maintenance package with everything included. 

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