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If there’s anything that Calgary residents know about, it’s how hard driveway snow shovelling and sidewalk snow removal can be. In terms of snow removal, Calgary has some of the heaviest winter precipitation in western Canada. This is in part due to its proximity to the Rockies and in part due to the high wind speed that makes it one of the windiest cities in the nation. This combination means that each winter, Calgary residents have a tough decision to make; spend hours digging themselves out after a big snowstorm, or invest in ice removal services that will save time and effort all season long

Do It Yourself Snow Shovelling

Many Calgary citizens resign themselves to hours of back breaking manual labour each year as winter rolls around. Some of the challenges facing do it yourself snow shovellers include:

  • Heavy ice pack – on average, Calgary gets 75 days of snow per year, with average accumulations of over 50cm during that time. This means that snow gets plenty of opportunities to build up in layers, making it even heavier than a single snowfall would be. This heavy snowpack can then freeze if you’re not quick enough with your shovelling, leaving you with an awkward ice removal process just to get out of your own house.
  • Where to dump the snow – this is a problem that starts after the first serious snowfall each year, and only gets worse as the winter weather continues. Shovelling heavy, wet snow is hard enough without having to make a coordinated plan of where to dump it. You can’t simply rely on chucking it to the side of your driveway as you’ll quickly build big snow banks which will make it even harder to shovel snow over the top. 
  • Freezing conditions – finally, if you’re a do it yourself snow shoveller and a full time worker, you’re signing up for clearing your driveway and sidewalk from snow first thing in the morning or when you get home from work, right when the temperatures are at their coldest during the day. At best, this will start or end your day with a chore that you’ll dread with each snow forecast, and at worst you could end up with hypothermia or frostbite symptoms. 

It’s clear to see that while it’s possible to do your own snow shovelling each winter, there are a lot of reasons why you might want to think about finding professional ice removal services to take care of the hard work while you relax. 

Ice Removal Services From Scoop

If you know someone who is deep into their own snow shovelling and you want to save them time and effort this season, you might want to consider giving the gift of a clear driveway with Scoop’s worry free snow removal services. We offer rates based on a six month contract (even though winter in Calgary always feels endless!) and we can handle any size of driveway and sidewalk length. Our typical fees are based on the number of cars that you can fit on your driveway, but we also offer custom prices for larger or unusual shaped driveways. By giving the gift of snow removal with Scoop, you give your friend or family member these benefits:

  • Up to daily snow clearings – the best thing about Scoop’s gift subscriptions is that our workers will come out every day during the contract if needed. While there can be days between major snowstorms, you will be able to contact Scoop to clear blown snow or ice build from snow melt as they see fit. 
  • Sidewalk salting – keeping your sidewalk clear is an important part of being a good neighbor and looking after those people who walk your street. Scoop will keep your sidewalk clear and salted using only pet friendly grains to help keep your street open all winter. 
  • No snow build up – finally, Scoop’s snow removal experts know how to keep the snow off your yard as they clear your driveway. This means that you’ll have less snowpack to worry about when spring comes around and you’ll be one of the first people on your street to start their spring garden maintenance. 

If that’s not enough reason to consider giving the gift of a clear driveway with Scoop, you can also score discounts for seniors, friends and families with disabilities and veterans of the Canadian armed services. Just mention which discount you’re applying for when you sign your friend or family member up for their worry free snow removal this winter season. 

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