Give Your Yard Some Post Winter Love

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Get Back Outside This Spring

While most respond immediately to the arrival of Spring weather and welcome the extra hour of daylight, others need a nudge to come out of winter hibernation.

Did you know that it’s easier for your body to get into a relaxed state when out in nature? Time outside allows the prefrontal cortex of the brain to relax. Cortisol production decreases when we spend time communing with nature. That leads to getting a more restful sleep as well.  

So, make the most of the short spring season and prepare for the sunny summer months ahead with these Spring Home and Yard Tips.

Give the Yard Some Post Winter Love

When winter finally winds down, make sure you take time to tidy your outdoor living space.

Start your spring yard cleanup by picking up debris including leaves, rocks, twigs, branches and garbage that has blown in over winter.  If there is foliage on your lawn, use a leaf blower or a rake to gently remove it.  In addition to making your yard look neater and promoting new grass growth, cleaning debris will make it safer to operate your lawnmower.

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Keep Fido’s Relief Space Clean

It’s hard to enjoy your yard to its full potential when it is covered in dog poop that accumulated over the long winter season. With the service of a local pooper scooper your more likely to lounge out in the hammock or enjoy a fun game of badminton with your partner this Spring. Not only will it look nice, but you won’t have to ignore the unpleasant smell or fight about whose turn it is to scoop poop.

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Create a Backyard Oasis

Transform your outdoor living space into a dreamy relaxation zone your neighbours will envy. This can be accomplished by adding an outdoor rug to your deck, some comfy lawn chairs and updating outdoor cushions for a fresh look. A small fire bowl adds ambience to your backyard space and encourages s’more roasts. Plus, the smoke will keep bugs away. Consider adding a sail sunshade over your deck or investing in a Patio Cover to keep you out of the rain this Spring and provide some shade in the hot summer months.

Fire Up the Grill

Finally, after a long brutal winter, you can uncover the grill and get to cooking outside again.  Here’s a checklist of things you should run through before you light the first fire:

  1. Check the hose from your propane to your burners and make sure it’s intact and clean. If there’s any build-up, be sure to clean it off before starting up your grill.
  2. Take your grates out and give everything a good scrub. You can use a wire brush and a damp cloth, but we don’t recommend soap.
  3. Be sure to pull out the grease trap and dump out if you didn’t before snowfall. For easier clean-up, next year, line your grease trap with some aluminum foil.
  4. Before cooking, turn on your grill, light it up, and let it burn for a few minutes to burn off any residual. Watch to ensure all the burners are firing and there are no leaks.

That’s the basics. Bust out the burgers and enjoy the fresh outdoors!

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