Spring Yard Clean Up

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Spring is the time of growth, renewal, and beautiful landscaping. A beautiful lawn may seem impossible right now, but it can become a reality, even after a long winter. You can begin by giving your lawn a good spring cleaning.

Here are some tips to get your yard ready:

Power Rake

Power Raking is done to remove excess thatch that can build up on your lawn. If you still have leaves and other debris piled up from the fall you need to clear it out to give the grass access to sunlight and oxygen.  As soon as the weather is warm enough and the snow has melted it is best to start with a good power rake. You also want to remove leaves and other debris from under bushes and flower beds. If these debris remain it can lead to problems with insects which can lay their eggs, there and cause lawn damage later in the season.

Aerate and Fertilize

After you have done a good power rake your lawn will be ready for other early season care, including aerating and fertilizing. Aeration reduces thatch and helps allow oxygen and moisture to get down to the roots of the grass. Fertilizing not only helps the grass to grow but also will help make it healthier, which will help combat problems with weeds and insects later in the season.

Fresh Cut, Trim and Edge

Once your lawn starts to green up and grow you don’t want to let it get too long. If it’s too long, it inhibits sunlight and oxygen from getting down to the roots where grass needs nutrients to grow. Grass takes in sunlight and nutrients through its leaf blades. If your grass is cut too short, it doesn’t do well. We encourage grass cycling, which is essentially leaving the clippings on the lawn. If your lawn gets the care it needs in spring, it will do better at competing against weeds. If it doesn’t get that care, dandelions and other weeds can start to thrive, typically around the second to third week of May.

Weed Control

One option is to pull out the weeds and fill in the holes as you go with some of the over seeding mixture. Chelated iron is a natural product, environmentally friendly, and a safe product to use around people and animals and very effective for dandelion control.


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