The Controversial Dandelion – A Weed Control Guide

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Home owners in Calgary are required to control the growth of noxious weeds and must destroy any prohibited noxious weeds on their property as regulated by the Weed Control Act.  Below is a list of the common noxious and prohibited weeds in Calgary with links to more information and how to control.

What about Dandelions?

Under the Alberta Weed Control Act dandelions are not considered to be a weed. Some Calgarians view dandelions as a harmless plant, an important food source for bees, or a salad ingredient. Others do not share the love. They are difficult to eliminate, and the entire plant (root and all) of the dandelion needs to be removed or they can grow right back.

13 Surprising Benefits Of Dandelion

Dandelion Control Techniques 

Turf Management

Turf management practices, like topdressing (spreading compost or loam over grass), or over seeding (adding extra seed to the grass) help encourage healthy turf growth. Keep your grass at least 3 inches long so it shades its own roots from the scorching sun, chokes out pesky weeds and holds moisture better, reducing watering needs. Dandelions are very hardy and adaptable and can grow even in poor soil conditions. The healthier the grass is, the more it can out-compete dandelions for water and nutrients.

Fiesta Herbicide or Rooting

Fiesta is a green alternative pesticide that contains iron chelate. It is applied directly to already growing plants. The iron chelate kills dandelion leaves. Alternatively, routinely pulling broadleaf weeds out by their roots, especially before they go to seed will help control your weed population.

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