Awesome Things to do in your Backyard this Summer

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This summer in Calgary you might be thinking about all the exciting places to go since the weather is gorgeous and the sun is shining. However, packing up the family, making all the plans, and having to deal with travelling in a hot car with little ones can kill the excitement. While there are plenty of outdoor sites you could explore in and around Calgary, you can also enjoy some virtuous times right in your own backyard.

Enjoy some Summer Sports

Dig out the old sports equipment, hit up some local garage sales or Kijiji for some and enjoy some casual yard games with the kids or friends this summer. If you have one, a trampoline opens up many games and activities for everyone to take part in. The faithful mainstays like tossing around the football or frisbee are always a good time, however, why not make things a bit more interesting with some novel sports ideas like these:

• Badminton
• Catch
• Disc golf
• Bocce Ball

Prepare for an Epic Water Fight

Why not skip the pool and make your yard into an exciting water park for the whole family? You can do so much better than running through the sprinklers like you did when you were young. Use a plastic tarp and sprinklers to make a homemade slip and slide. Fill up some balloons for a water balloon fight. You can even mix water with food colouring, fill up some water guns, and have a squirt gun extravaganza.

Enjoy a Movie on the Deck or Patio

Move your traditional family movie night outdoors. Hang up a white bedsheet and get the Projector setup! No projector? No problem, setup the laptop, iPad or even your smartphone with a stand and stream some Netflix or use your Shaw Free Range Access. Pop some corn or check out some of these easy summer snack ideas and find a movie to watch. This is perfect for those hot summer days when the house is boiling. For some extra comfort add pillows and having a strict pyjama policy.

Host a Potluck

Host a get-together and invite friends, family and neighbours to whip up their favourite summer recipes and show off your grilling skills. You can even raise the stakes and hold a bake-off for desserts. Here is our list of Favorite Summer Potluck Recipes.

Start, and complete a Project

Have you wanted to get around to that DIY project you found last summer? Let this summer be your season of creative completion. Grab some friends or round up the kids and set out to get that project started- and completed this summer.

Some DIY Projects we plan to tackle this Summer:

• Creating a DIY Backyard Fireplace
• Completing a Budget Friendly Patio Makeover
• Building a Wine Botte Bird Feeder

Find a Shooting Star

Sometimes the best way to relax is to unplug and really connect with nature. One way to do that is to spend an evening with loved ones looking up at the stars. You can even check out this Astronomy Gear Guide for tips and tricks to stargaze like a boss.

Have a Campout

Camping in your own backyard is a great way to get the excitement of the great outdoors without having to pack up and travel to far away. Setup your tent, grab some marshmallows, blankets and head out your back door. Build a campfire in your fire pit or use the grill in a pinch to roast the marshmallows. For an added element of adventure skip the tent, grab a sleeping back and sleep under the stars.

This is also a great alternative to tenting.

Get your Green Thumb on

The summer is a great time to get your kids interested in the outdoors and eating their vegetables by growing their very own garden. Plan out a small garden and let your kids help plant your crop, tend to it, and harvest it throughout the season. They will enjoy watching their plants grow, and you will love tasting their harvest!

Choose easy-to-grow veggies and herbs like the ones listed below:

• Carrots
• Dill
• Tomatoes
• Green Onion
• Lettuce
• Mint

Skip the Mow and Hire a Pro

Now that you are ready to enjoy your yard, your likely dreading the lawn care chores like mowing, trimming, edging and fertilizing. If your lawn could use a little tender loving care, let the lawn care professional at Scoop, Cut N’ Shovel take care of your residential property maintenance while you enjoy the short-lived summer in Calgary. With fertilization, aeration, seeding and weekly mowing services in Calgary, your lawn will be the perfect setting for all your outdoor adventures.

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Tell Us: What do you enjoy doing in your yard during the summer? Are there any other fun family activities we should try?

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