What to Do to Take Care of Your Dog’s Doodoo

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All Calgary dog owners know there’s nothing worse than the snow melt in the spring. For anyone else, watching the snow melt means that winter is finally coming to an end; for dog owners it means that all the poop will be visible and you’re responsible for clearing up several months worth of doodoo. This problem gets compounded further when you have a bigger dog (the bigger the dog, the bigger the doodoo!) and when you have multiple dogs at home. You can either accept this as a gross part of being a dog owner in Calgary, or you can talk with Scoop Cut N Shovel about our dog waste removal services. 

Doodoo It Yourself

With any pet ownership comes the duty to deal with their waste, and most dog owners train their pup to do their business outside. Once they’re outside, you’ve got some options if you’re going to take care of their messes yourself:

  • Follow them with a baggie – the easiest way to keep your dog mess to a minimum is to go outside with them and grab their poop as it happens like you do when you’re going for a walk. This is great on those days when you’re relaxed and the weather is warm, but it feels like a terrible chore during winter, or when you’re tired, or if your dog needs to go out multiple times in the evening. 
  • Create a doggy bathroom – a more effective option than following them with a baggie is to create a section of your garden that your dog uses each time it goes poop. You can fill it with sand and treat it like an enormous litter box. The downsides here are that at some point you’ll need to get your shovel out and clear out the dog waste, and it will start to stink out your entire yard (and neighbourhood!) if you don’t stay on top of it. 
  • Let it dry – a final option is the one that many dog owners opt for. Simply shove your pup out of the door and let them go do their business wherever they like. Your dog will gravitate to the same part of your yard, and all you have to do is wait a few days for it to dry out and use a pooper scooper to keep things tidy. This can leave your garden looking disgusting, and it can take a while for things to solidify during the summer months.

While taking care of your dog’s doodoo yourself is always an option, it’s clear to see that there are many benefits to finding professional dog waste removal services. 

Professional Poop Cleanup, Calgary style

When you’re talking about the best pet waste removal Calgary has to offer, Scoop Cut N Shovel has to be the first on your list to call. Our experts will come to your home ready to tackle the doodoo no matter the state of your yard. We guarantee that you won’t be able to tell that we’ve been on your property (apart from the lack of dog droppings in your yard!) and as we don’t need access to your home, our cleanup team can get to work while you’re out of the house. Most of our customers have us put all the dog waste straight into your green bin at no extra cost, but if you don’t want it stinking up your house, we can also take it with us to dispose at our home base for an additional cost. 

A Variety Of Options

Cost is always cited as a reason as to why dog owners in Calgary will choose to spend their evenings and weekends picking up their dog’s doodoo themselves. Scoop Cut N Shovel recognizes this, so we offer a variety of subscription services to match all needs and budgets. Some of our most popular options include:

  • A one off clean up – this is the best option for that weekend when the snow melts enough to reveal the mountain of dog waste your pet has left over the winter. Imagine the joy you’ll feel coming home from working knowing that someone has cleared your entire yard of dog doodoo for you, and gave you a clean state to work with as the weather starts to warm up. You’ll also get a significant discount if you treat this as your initial clean up as part of a longer subscription package. 
  • Week by week – if you’re super busy at work, have small children at home, or simply hate cleaning up dog poop, Scoop’s week by week subscription dog waste removal services are the way to go. We offer a sliding scale depending on how many weeks you wish to purchase at a time, and there is a considerable discount as you add additional dogs into the mix. 
  • Year long packages – finally, our best value is to pay for our poop cleanup services for a year in advance. Yes, this means that every week, our workers will come to your yard and clean it of all the dog mess, even after the worst Calgary snowstorms! We’re ready to work in all conditions and you’ll never have to worry about a messy, smelly yard again. 

At Scoop Cut N Shovel, we can coordinate with you as part of any package for cleanups on specific days if you need your yard looking it’s best for a special event.

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