Watering Your Lawn – Top 3 Questions Answered

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A lush green lawn is a symbol of pride and a pleasant place to relax. No matter where you live, it’s important to learn ways to conserve as much water as possible. Water is essential to a healthy lawn. But too much or little can damage them. Running the sprinkler all night sets up conditions for disease. Frequent, light watering causes the grass to grow shallow roots and sets your lawn up for trouble in hot weather.

When should I water my lawn?

The early morning is the best time to water your lawn because the air is cooler. In the middle of the day water evaporates quickly. If you water in the evening water can cling to leaf blades and cause disease. A wet lawn overnight can cause fungus to grow.

How long should I water my lawn?

You should water long enough to soak the grass roots about 6 inches down, which is the depth of a healthy root system.

How often should I water my lawn?

It is recommended to water clay soils once a week and sandy soils every 3 days. If footprints remain indented in the grass for longer than 30 minutes after passing through your yard, it is a good sign that your grass is getting dry and needs to be watered.

IMPORTANT – Watering new lawns is a whole new ball game. You need to water new lawns more often until the grass roots become established.

TIP – Try collecting rainwater. It’s safe to use on any part of your lawn (including vegetable gardens), and it helps cut down on water consumption. See more water conservation tips from the City of Calgary here

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