3 Steps to a Lush Green Lawn

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Step 1: Don’t mow too low

It might seem natural to cut your grass as short as possible, but our lawn care experts recommend letting it grow longer and mowing more frequently. Mowing a lawn to short can put stress on the grass and limit deep root growth, decreasing its ability to resist weeds, pests and drought conditions.

TIP: Dull mower blades tear off grass rather than cutting it clean, leaving ragged tips that invite disease.

Step 2: Fertilize to promote a healthy lawn

There are many varieties of lawn fertilizer available, but most consist of three key nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen is the most important nutrient for leafy growth, but too much can lead to excessive growth, yard burn and discoloration. The most popular types of lawn fertilizer include granule and liquid forms, which come in synthetic and organic blends. You can also choose between fast- and slow-release fertilizer, and blends containing pre-emergent controls for fighting crabgrass and weeds.

TIP: Ever notice that weeds pop up right after a rain? That’s your cue to pull them—if they’re small and the soil’s moist, they should come out easily by hand. Weeds not only take up space in your yard, they also compete for water and nutrients in the soil

Step 3: Repair and Maintain

Common lawn problems include bare spots, dead patches and areas infested by dandelions, crabgrass and weeds. Bare spots are the most noticeable lawn problem, but they can be repaired with a little patience and persistence. Sod is an option for large patches. For smaller patches or areas that receive less sun, our lawn care experts recommend sowing grass seed.

TIP: Change the direction you mow to cut down on stress to the lawn, and prevent divots from forming in your pattern.

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  1. I never thought about the importance of the mower height while I am cutting the grass but it makes sense. If you cut it too short than it doesn’t really have a chance to thrive. My lawn is looking pretty dead and might need to be replaced soon so I’ll keep this in mind for the future.

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