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Besides Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Spooky Décor and Back to School Shopping, Autumn marks the end of the growing season and the time to prepare your yard for winter snowfall. Not only do you need to minimize diseases in the soil, but you also need remove all debris, such as fallen leaves and dead branches. When the temperatures start to drop, cleaning your lawn can seem like a miserable feat, if not impossible due to snow and ice. That is why it is important to complete your fall clean-up before old man winter shows up on your doorstep.

Below is a list of items to get your yard winter ready.

  • Clean those Gutters
  • Turn Off Hoses and Remove for Winter
  • Till Your Garden
  • Prune Trees and Hedges
  • Apply Weed B Gone to control weed infestations
  • Aerate compacted soil or use a rake to remove thatch
  • Use fall lawn fertilizer to improve soil conditions for when spring growth begins
  • Mow grass blades no more than 1/3 of its length at once
  • To clear dried grass clippings, leaves or dirt from your driveway, patio or deck, use a blower
  • Leaf blowers make lawn work quick and easy. For small lawns use a handheld model. For large, opt for a more comfortable backpack blower
  • Give your Garden Bed a Clean Sweep

Our seasoned lawn care specialists can help get your lawn back to pristine condition and fully prepared for the new season.

Need to schedule fall clean-up services for your home or business?

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