The Do’s and Don’ts of Year Round Property Maintenance

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Many Calgary residents say that they love that their city gets the full effect of all four seasons; hot summers, snowy winters, fresh springs and leafy falls. However, all of this seasonal beauty comes with a hefty amount of property maintenance, and it’s so easy to do it wrong. Here, we’ll look at some of the do’s and don’ts of property maintenance Calgary residents have to deal with season by season. 


Spring in Calgary is many Calgary residents’ favorite. Not only does it promise the longer summer nights and the scent of fresh growth everywhere in the city, but it also means that winter is done and won’t be back for 8 or 9 more months! In terms of property maintenance, here’s what should and shouldn’t be done in spring:

  • DO clear high mounds of snow – there will be sections of your yard where the snow naturally accumulates. It’s tempting to wait for those snowbanks to melt by themselves, but you’re depriving the soil underneath of much needed heat, light and water. Carefully remove these without digging up the softening soil underneath. 
  • DON’T plant while it’s cold – a common gardening mistake is to panic plant, where you get excited about being able to see the dirt again that you plant your seeds too early. Most vegetables need warm soil to propagate fully and can be killed off by cold soil.
  • DO add to your soil beds – your growing beds will have hibernated well under the snow cover, but now it’s time to kick start them into action. Do this by adding organic compost and kitchen waste to get the microbes active. 
  • DON’T till the soil – there’s more and more evidence that tilling your vegetable patch does more damage than good. Stirring up the soil to aerate it ruins the structure that supports microbes and fungal growth which are essential for plant growth. 


There’s nothing like summer in Calgary. The days are full of sunshine, and the long hours seems to give evenings a magical feeling. On your property, here’s what to do and what to avoid:

  • DO keep the water running – your lawn deserves the best, and one of the leading causes of yellow grass and dead soil is lack of water. Set up an automatic watering system to keep your lawn looking great.
  • DON’T over water – on the flip side, it’s easy to give your lawn too much water. When Calgary gets one of it’s famous summer storms, turn off the sprinklers for a day or two.
  • DO keep the grass short – keep ahead of the mowing game. Not only does this promote new growth in your existing lawn, but you’ll encourage growth in dead patches as you spread seeds in your wake. 
  • DON’T forget the pollinators – summer is an essential season for bees and other pollinators, so keep your colorful flowers well watered so they produce nectar for your insects. You can also help by keeping their bases free of weeds and training them to grow into their own spaces.


Fall is possibly the busiest time of year for property maintenance for Calgary homeowners. A good fall cleanup is essential in preparing your yard for a successful spring. Here’s some do’s and don’ts for fall:

  • DO clean up after your pet – while herbivore droppings fertilize your garden, you have to clean up after your canine friend. Pet waste removal in the fall is the biggest way that city homeowners can save their garden from poisonous residues in the spring.
  • DON’T leave the leaves – it’s easy to get caught out by the first snowfall, but you need to do a full leaf raking and clear out before the snow arrives. Your garden will suffocate under the frozen leaves which will block much needed moisture from entering the ground. 
  • DO add mulch – fall is a great time to mulch your gardens with organic matter. Anywhere that you see bare soil should be covered up to avoid frostbite, but don’t pack it down as it needs to let snow melt through. 
  • DON’T start landscaping projects – when it comes to landscaping, Calgary residents should start and complete these projects in the spring or summer. It’s easy to panic about what you didn’t accomplish, but your garden needs to rest and settle before the cold weather.


There’s not a huge amount of property maintenance to complete in winter. It’s a great time to make plans for the upcoming seasons. However, there are some tasks to complete and avoid:

  • DO keep on top of the snow removal – while you don’t need to be out multiple times a night to clear your driveway, you do need to clear up as much as possible after each snowfall to avoid icy build up. 
  • DON’T use rock salt if you have pets – while rock salt melts the ice on your driveway quickly, it’s poisonous to dogs as it melts. Make sure you buy pet safe ice salt instead. 
  • DO keep the walkways clear – while the walkways outside your home aren’t technically yours to worry about, it’s the neighbourly thing to do to keep them clear of snow and ice. This means being careful where you shovel, and taking the extra time to clear them after you’ve completed your own walkways. 
  • DON’T let snow accumulate into ice – your main priority will be to keep your driveways and walkways clear, but you need to be mindful about where you’re throwing the snow. If it’s always in the same place, it’s easy to see big snowbanks build up, which are a pain to clear out in spring. Try to distribute the snow evenly as you shovel it out of the way. 

As you can see, there’s a lot of work to do each season to keep your property looking great. This year, DON’T waste time worrying about your property maintenance list and DO let Scoop Cut N Shovel take on some of the load with our monthly, seasonal and yearly property maintenance offers. 

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